Welcome to the Dundjinni Forum Art Archives.  This site is dedicated to compiling monthly and yearly posts inside the Dundjinni forums. Whether you are a new user or have not been on the forums for awhile, this page will allow you to keep your art files up to date.

     There are two types of files here for download: C.S.U.A.C. and Monthly/Yearly Archives. The CSUAC was provided for us by GMSyndicate and installs various art packs into a directory of your choosing. This option is good if you do not wish to create and sort your own directories (which is time consuming) but does not include some of the newer art file from the Monthly Archives. The forum archives are for users who wish to add to the CUASC files and/or want to control where the art files go and into what directory, etc. The Monthly Archives are also more complete and up to date and at the end of the year they are compiled into a Year Archive file.

~ CSUAC File Downloads ~
      Volume 1 - Creatures       Volume 2 - Equipment and Weapons         Volume 3 - Vehicles
      Volume 4 - Humanoids and Animals       Volume 5.1 - Vegetation Part 1         Volume 5.2 - Vegetation Part 2
      Volume 6 -  Furniture       Volume 7.1 - Structures Part 1         Volume 7.2 - Structures Part 2
~ Yearly Archives ~
These files do not contain Maps, Isometric Images, or paid Dundjinni art packs from the Store.
Fantasy   Sci-Fi
2008 (75 Mb)   2008 (2 Mb)
2009 (653 Mb)   2009 (43 Mb)
2010 (213 Mb)   2010 (44 Mb)
2011 (376 Mb)   2011 (98 Mb)
2012 (590 Mb)   2012 (94 Mb)
2013 (447 Mb)   2013 (4 Mb)
2015 (76 Mb)   2015 (10 Mb)
01-2016 (13.8Mb)   01-2016 (0.2Mb)
02-2016 (1.5Mb) No new files
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