Lost Mine of Phandelver (5th Edition)

These are maps for specific adventures (modules) that have been "re-imagined" from published works.
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Lost Mine of Phandelver (5th Edition)

Post by Daniel Pryor » Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:55 pm

*note: To get ALL of the art files in a compress .rar archive format, download the Archive File below:

update: Agatha's Lair map:
Cragmaw Day 02.jpg
Cragmaw Day 01.jpg
Cragmaw Night.jpg
Agatha's Lair.jpg
Wave Echo Cave2 - Lost Mine of Phandelver.jpg
Wave Echo Cave1 - Lost Mine of Phandelver.jpg
Craigmaw Castle Lost Mine of Phandelver.jpg
Cragmaw hideout.jpg

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