** New Users! Please Read! **

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** New Users! Please Read! **

Post by Daniel Pryor » Thu Jun 22, 2017 5:13 pm

If you need help registering or have any other issues, please send an email to danielcpryor@gmail.com.

The forum does not require users to register to be viewed or searched, BUT if you wish to create topics or submit maps, objects, or other art, please register. If you want to be a contributor and are having registration issues simply send an email to danielcpryor@gmail.com with your user name and you'll be activated within 24 hours of your request. Currently a simple anti-spam test and email verification is all that is need to do so. If you decide to register please DO NOT create oddly named usernames or nonsense like h4ckb0w, b1g1, etc.It's OK to use a number AFTER your name if there is another user with that name already, such as John Doe you can be John Doe 5150 for example. We would appreciate people registering with their First and Last name with a space in between or if you insist on using a nickname please avoid using 4s for "a"s, etc. This naming convention is to ensure that people can locate your name easily and helps the overall readability on the forum. Thank you for your understanding. Enjoy the forum!


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