** File Usage (Copyright) **

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** File Usage (Copyright) **

Post by Daniel Pryor » Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:01 am

By posting any art elements ("object files") on this pubic forum, authors are agreeing to a "fair use" agreement by which they retain all copyrights but allow the users to create maps with them for the purpose of commercial usage. This does not grant users the right to repackage or resell the individual object files themselves; again the permission is for the use in creating maps only. Also, the reverse is true: no one is allowed to take an "element" or object icon out of a map someone has made and repackage it for sale in a digital file.

At any time an author may request art files to be pulled, restricted, etc from this forum. Authors may also set additional restrictions but must explicitly state the guidelines inside the post(s) that the object files were inserted into. So if the author does not wish to have their art objects used for commercial use they must say so when posting here.

The goal here is to create a public forum by which others can create maps, but still allow for authors to sell art packs separately from this forum if they want, allowing for flexibility.

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