July 2017 Archives

This section is updated at the start of each new month and includes ALL object files & maps uploaded by every member of the board.
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July 2017 Archives

Post by Daniel Pryor » Sat Aug 19, 2017 4:35 pm

July 2017 Archives link (82 Mb))

Archive includes:
Decorations: Barrels, Campsite, Cemetery , Gold Things, Torches, Treasures, Wells.
Floors & Walls: Lava, Rocks, Stone Walls.
Furniture: Bookshelves, Armoire, Desks.
Fantasy Maps: Crypt, Alley, City Blocks, Mitra, Village.
Presets: Bridge
Special FX: Smoke & Chemneys
Structures: Houses, Pillars & Columns, Prefab Stairs, Tents, Towers.
Weapoons: Catipult.

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