** UPDATE: 08/15/2017 **

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** UPDATE: 08/15/2017 **

Post by Daniel Pryor » Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:27 pm

"Project Update #23: MapForge – battlemap creation software for tabletop RPGs by Battlegrounds Games, LLC

MapForge Alpha Release 2

Posted by Battlegrounds Games, LLC (Creator)

The initial MapForge Alpha Release had some serious issues, so here comes Alpha 2 to hopefully correct most of them. However, everything I posted in that Update still applies with this release, so it should be considered required reading for those who missed the initial Alpha release.

What's changed?
In this release, drag-and-drop should now work on both Mac and Windows, and the grid overlay should remain properly aligned with the map. Many buttons now offer more visual feedback, via the addition of rollover and clicked states. The Technical Demo section is fixed. I also fixed an issue with the Castle Walls Add-On (some items were inadvertently set to not allow randomization). There are now new hotkeys to do things like hide/minimize MapForge, save a map, load a map, import art, export a map, and make the MapForge window fill your display (or move to another connected display). Thumbnail text labels should now be clearer, especially with light-colored map backgrounds. Numerous other issues (such as misplaced buttons) have also been addressed.

Technical Tips
Windows users: don't install MapForge in your Programs directory.
Users with Windows 10 64-bit OS are advised to run MapForge as an administrator and in 32-bit compatability mode.
Though I've said it many times, it bears repeating yet again: Shockwave is NOT required to run MapForge. Even if you see a message to that effect, ignore it; the problem lies elsewhere (contact me for troubleshooting assistance)." - End of update

(Note: This is a Kickstarter update for backers so there are no download links provided, sorry) -Daniel Pryor

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