Map Forge Alpha 4 release

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Map Forge Alpha 4 release

Post by Daniel Pryor » Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:23 pm


Posted by Battlegrounds Games, LLC (Creator)

What's Changed?

This release primarily adds support for Drawn Shapes and Filter Effects. Drawn Shapes is actually farther along than you'll be able to see; I've had to "close off" some already-completed functionality due to portions not being quite ready for prime-time, and it would have caused confusion and frustration to leave it accessible.

Other improvements include an in-app Help screen and the addition of Undo/Redo functions. Oh, and the popup menus (I think Windows calls them "drop-down lists") actually work, now.

Alpha 4 comes with two free Add-Ons that you have not seen in earlier releases: "Greytale's Tavern" and "Component Sewer Pack" (both are fantasy genre). Feel free to also pull over the other free Add-Ons from earlier Alpha releases. They should continue to work, but I have omitted them here to keep the download size reasonable.
Technical Tips

Users with Windows 10 64-bit OS are advised to run MapForge as an administrator and in 32-bit compatability mode. Though I've said it many times, it bears repeating yet again: Shockwave is NOT required to run MapForge. Even if you see a message to that effect, ignore it; the problem lies elsewhere (contact me for troubleshooting assistance).

Mac OS Sierra (or High Sierra) users: this Alpha Release is not code-signed, and therefore Mac OS's Gatekeeper feature will not allow the program to launch unless you first follow the "special measures " mentioned in Update 22.
What's Next?

Aside from finishing up texture support for Drawn Shapes and adding another filter effect, the only major feature still missing is Layer Management (stacking order, visibility, etc.).

I'd like to have MapForge in Beta in 2-3 weeks, and get MapForge v1.0 released by the end of November. Until then, take Alpha 4 for a spin and share your feedback in the Comments below. And as always, please read the existing Comments before posting your own.
PS: Now that MapForge is getting close to Beta status, I am going to really need more user feedback than I have been getting so far. Reporting bugs, usability issues and submitting other concerns is in your best interest, as it will result in a more solid app and a better user experience.

*Note this forum and it's administrators are NOT affiliated with Battle Ground Games LLC which owns and produces this software.

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