** A Note About Object Art Files **

Playing pieces (figurines) for Virtual Table Top environments.
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** A Note About Object Art Files **

Post by Daniel Pryor » Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:28 pm

It is very important to read this whole topic posted here so you'll have a better understanding of how the object files are organized!

First I have to mention that many of these files were originally created for use with the Dundjinni software, so the file structures were done by having two sub-folders, so for example: Fantasy > Castle > Floor. That is important to keep in mind because that is how I've organized them over the years. That being said, there are many different archives that have been compiled and I've provided links to them all. Remember though that these other archives been updated (or replaced) by the archives found in these forums and they will no longer but updated by anyone. I've keep them available though because some people like the way the CSUAC or Dundjinni Archives were organized.

Second, the files located here in the "Objects" forum will be posted individually so you can simple right-lick on them and save them to wherever you want. In each individual forum a small sub-forum archive will be posted at the top of the post that will contain ALL the pictures shown there so you won't have to click on each picture if you want everything in that sub-forum. So if you were in the ANIMALS objects section in the sub-forum of AQUATIC animals you could right-click on each individual pic and select "save as..." OR you click click on the link at the topic that said "Aquatic.rar" to download them all. Furthermore, if you wanted ALL animals, not just the ones in the sub-forum a "sticky" topic that reads "ARCHIVE: ANIMALS" will be there so you can download then entire bunch, not just the ones in the sub-forum. This will alow users to get as much or little files as they need.

Third, every month there will be updates as people here submit there work. These updates will be presented in the UPDATE sub-forum of the OBJECTS forum. To save time, the updates may or may be not included in the sub-forum archives (no promises).

Lastly, to get to the old CSUAC and Dundjinni Archives page go here: CSUAC/ .
Please note that the old archives will no longer be updated.

If you have any questions about anything presented here please send a private message to the forum administrator (DanielCPryor).

-Daniel C. Pryor, Forum Administrator.


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