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The Fate of Dundjinni

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 3:11 pm
by Daniel Pryor
This is Daniel Pryor. I am one of the web admin for the Dundjinni software forums. For those that don't know the Dundjinni software is pretty much defunct. I had plans in 2016 to revive it, but after a divorce and a move other things took precedence. When I came up for air it was then that my friend Heruca launched the MapForge Kickstarter campaign. I was both sad and elated: Dundjinni was obviously not going to compete with the new software, BUT a new piece of software meant much more speed and a better UI, as well as new functionality. So I stand firmly behind the MapForge software and fully support it with all my heart (and my wallet). I'm crossing my fingers that Heruca will deliver an amazing product that we all can enjoy that will allow us to use the old Dundjinni PNG files, etc. So goodbye Dundjinni, long live MapForge!