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Sticky: How to Upload Images in Topics

Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:45 pm
by Daniel Pryor
There are three ways to post images her on the forum. Each option starts with the "New Topic" button:

Option 1: Click on the "Insert Image" icon to post the URL to an image hosted elsewhere. This is a good option if you have your own website and just want to share the link, etc, but it's ok to post the actual file in our database.

Option 2: Click on the "Attachments" Tab, then the "Add Files" button below. A dialog box will come up with a listing of all your files on your hard drive. Select the one's you want to upload then click "Submit" after they've uploaded:
Option 3: My favorite, is the "drag and drop" method. After clicking the "new Topic" button, load up your Windows Explorer on a split screen or another screen if you have multiple monitors. Highlights the files you want: (Step 1)
Then Drag the highlighted files in to the forum window:
Click "Submit" button after they've all uploaded. Remember to not upload more than about 18 files at a time or you will get an http error!
Also, keep in mind that there a file size limits of 32mb per file, with a max post size of 64mb per post.